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Oh yeah! I’m ready to let my kids embrace coding. But you may be wondering… What do we have? How do I know which course is suitable for my kids?

Don’t worry. Whether your kid is a beginner, or a hobbyist, or a pro, we have different course categories for your kids to enjoy to the fullest.

Kitten Editor

No idea where to start? Zero coding knowledge?
You are right at our FEATURED course.

Kitten Editor...

… is a platform for demonstrating the imagination of trainers, with a variety of coding blocks as the basis for creation. Just drag out the blocks you want, put them together in the editing area, start the game, and you can see your work on the left stage.

Recommended for beginner and intermediate.

What courses do we offer?

Kitten Beginner

In this beginner course, your kids will learn about basic blocks and use it individually. By the end of this course, your kids will be familiar to use individual code blocks to let animation comes to live.

Kitten Intermediate

In this intermediate course, your kids will learn about connecting a multitude of different code blocks, understanding the code relationships and game design. By the end of this course, your kids will be able to build games. Simply amazing!

Free tutorial video! Follow our instructor to create a game

5 simple steps only

  1. Download the necessary file by clicking link and unzip the file “Space Shoot-blank.bcm”.
  2. Go to Kitten Editor.
  3. Go to “File -> Local Project”.
  4. Import the file.
  5. Start creating your game by following the video.

Turtle Editor

Feel that your kids have the necessary talent and skills? Try our Turtle Editor.
Upskilling their levels from a “Turtle” to “Dragon”

Turtle Editor...

… is a transformative platform to teach kids about Python codes, the real-world codes used by professional programmer worldwide. We focus on letting your kids understand the code through drawing cool graphics and animations.

Recommended after finishing Kitten Editor, intermediate and advanced kids.

What courses do we offer?

Python Warrior

In this starter course, your kids will learn about writing Python codes, getting to know more about loops and randomisation. By the end of this course, your kids will have grasp good understanding of coding logic.

Python Dragon

In this dragon course, we focus on advanced coding logic. It involves building real-world application that can help in solving problems. By the end of this course, you can expect your kids to unleash unimaginable amount of creativity.



Because it encourages your children to learn coding bit by bit!


… is an amazing hardware which is created and developed by Cytron Technologies Penang, Malaysia. This wonderful hardware with the replaceable built-in modules has made creating projects easier!

Children’s ideas are no longer limited as the EDU:BIT enable the children to build sophisticated and creative projects! Learn coding with EDU:BIT while create great projects and boost their soft-skills at the same time!

What course do we offer?

EDU:BIT Beginner

The Beginner Course allows children to learn basic codes and basic functions of the EDU:BIT along with creating fun and exciting projects with the EDU:BIT! Children without coding knowledge are welcome to join!

EDU:BIT Advance

The Advance Course is available to those who had grasped the basic coding knowledge and the fundamentals of the EDU:BIT. This course allows the children to learn much more complex codes and the advance functions of the EDU:BIT. This course awaits those who wants further fun and exciting challenges that awaits them!


Does your kids love the sound of robot?
Let your kids build one using Microbit to impress their friends and families. 


… or so called BBC Microbit, refers to small microcontroller that powers our smart appliances. Ever wonder how your “smart” appliances, like vacuum cleaner, knows how to get things done without mistakes?

The real “smart” brain is in microcontroller. We are offering courses to teach your kids in embracing robotic technology. It’s not only amazing, it’s super worth!

What course do we offer?

Micro:Bit Pioneer

In this Micro:Bit warrior course series, we have specially crafted the course so it would be suitable to kids of any level, whether they are beginner, intermediate or advanced level coders. The course is packed with much fun that your kids will guarantee to like it, if not LOVE IT. By the end of this course, your kids will have learnt the basic way of controlling a microcontroller, which can be used to power a robot.

Get to Know Micro:Bit

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